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[Revamped guidelines 7-5-05]

Welcome to the Yami no Matsuei Rating community-- where everything from your fear of big-eyed doctors to your obsession with dolls will be taken into account and help YnMify you! We love fresh meat new members, so don't be shy, jump in!

Meet your mods! As of 6-21-05, ynm_rating has been maintained in the name of semi-abusive partnership by: and

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If you would like your rating community to be affiliated with ours, you may either contact the mods or make a post with a link to your community for members to see.


Community Rules: (To ensure happiness for the masses!)

1. Ah, the obligatory first rule: you must be a member of the community to post.
2. Remember to mind your manners! If we catch you insulting or being rude to other members, we'll be on you like a fly on a pie >:|
3. Even if you haven't been stamped you can still vote! Votes are always in fashion! Vote!
4. Pictures are optional, but if you do post them, please put them behind an LJ-cut so as not to clutter friends lists.
5. No cosplay pictures for stamping, please-- we want to see the Real You first! If you wish to post cosplay pictures after you are stamped, feel free, but state that you've been stamped in the subject line to avoid confusion. :3
6. Go ahead and reapply if you're not satisfied with who you've been stamped as! It's not a problem.
7. Just to make sure you've read the rules, please include the phrase "No no, I have no money!" in the subject line. Have fun with it X)

Voting Rules: (To maximize accuracy and efficiency!)

1. Please be courteous when voting; we don't want to have to bust any moves on rude people.
2. If you will, please explain why you're voting the way you're voting. Everyone knows it's more fun when the vote is a bit more in-depth than one word, so please make the extra effort! X3
3. Please, please please. BOLD the name of the character you're voting for! If you're absolutely torn between two characters, you may bold both.
4. Try to rate as many people as you can, so they can be stamped quickly too. We know this can be the downfall of some rating communities; let's make it work. <3
5. You will be stamped after (at least) 5 votes. If there is no clear lead, then scrimmshaw and/or i_own_boysluts will break the tie.

Survey (copy and paste):

Basic rules and survey borrowed from chibi_hidaka and her rating communities. Huzzah!

List of Stamped Members:
Click me~!

Characters (all available with stamps):
Tsuzuki Asato
Kurosaki Hisoka
Tatsumi Seiichirou
Watari Yutaka
Minase Hijiri
Mibu Oriya
Muraki Kazutaka
Hakushaku [The Earl]
Torii Saya
Fukiya Yuma
Gushoushin Brothers
Maria Won
Kakyouin Tsubaki
**(GAG STAMPS- These next eight characters have their own special stamps, which means they must have personalities too, right? Rate with them if you think you can [you do realize the devil is one of the following?]; the only other way you're seeing them is if the mods themselves think you merit one! >P)**
"Jason" (Watari's cake-slicing invention)
Maria's stepmother
Muraki's doll
Houjou Kanako (a.k.a. Queen Camellia victim #2)
Abiko Tetsuhiro (a.k.a. That One Nervous Boy on the Cruise)

(You are welcome and encouraged to suggest additional characters; stamps will be made to accommodate them!)